Outdated Electronic Communications Privacy Act

This outdated cyber-law takes you back to the 80s when it was passed before the users had access to the computers and emails. As this is outdated, hundreds of government agencies have access to the people’s content in the cloud without the warrant. So much for the progressing technology that even cloud computing has been affected by this illegal access.

The good thing is that both parties of Congress are supporting the reform of this law but we don’t know what are the proper criteria like probably due to the fear that someone may make things even worse with this reform as if the main fault may lie with him. Unfortunately, the opponent against this reform is Securities and Exchange Commission, which is trying to prevent this reform from happening and allow further spying to occur.

So in the end, it seems that the illegal access to your stuffs is even worse than what NSA can do so we must make sure that this reforming should happen as soon as possible.

As the link https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/reform-ecpa-tell-government-get-warrant/nq258dxk, looks so freaking governmental, I’m leaving this action-taking to you. You will need your whitehouse.gov account if you want to sign this petition.


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