This year’s TGS with PS4, Xbox One and GCCX game

Well, the recent episodes of Game Center CX might have made me blog about the Playstation 4 and Xbox One’s Japanese releases. Sure, they will be released in Japan next year but as of now, there may be western-made games for both consoles so we may to wait for the games for those consoles made in Japan. We don’t know what those games are at this moment but the preview at this year’s Tokyo Game Show might be a nice opportunity.

In addition, at Bandai Namco booth, there will be the third game based on the TV show that will be available next year on Nintendo 3DS. Interestingly enough, it is developed by G-Rev in which we know them for their games like Border Down, Under Defeat, Senko No Ronde, etc. It’s not the first time that the TV show was involved at Tokyo Game Show though. There might be previous games based on that show for Nintendo DS where you play the retro-style games. Well, the show is all about the challenge of completing retro games within 24-hours or less or the challenge will be the failure. The main objective is to beat the game with the true ending but doing so will not be an easy task so the hints are provided during the show.


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