Google’s policies are forbidden by law according to Dutch privacy regulator

We may have remembered on how Microsoft was criticizing Google the last with the Scroogled campaign but they might seem to have gone to other paths into bashing on other products Google’s having as part of competition. It’s like they had already told their users that they were fooled by Google, saying that Google has been collecting private information of the users for some unknown purpose. What about Microsoft then? Are they doing the same thing as well?

Last year, the change of privacy policy from Google had already made them look like cyber-corporate betrayals to the users in which your emails from your Google account were already collected without your knowledge for instance. Perhaps the interesting special video commercials from Google didn’t even help enough encourage you to use their products. They surely did to us last year but now, it looks like the betrayal had already started this year when the huge spying scandal already occurred. I might have already ditched the usage of various Google services like Google Plus, Drive and Gmail. Maybe I don’t give a shit of them in favor of other popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, AOL Mail and Sina Mail.

So in the end, it may seem that Google is in trouble for violating some European law by collecting data of users’ private information and we’ll see how the regulator is looking at enforcement measures against them in the upcoming DPA hearing. And Google’s way of ‘Telling Your World’ to use their products last year is more like betraying it.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Google

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