Xbox One’s interaction with the commercial?

It’s kind of shameful on the makers for making the Kinect overly powerful enough to start this kind of technical craziness. Basically, the commercial of the Xbox One is displayed on TV and says out the command that turns on the console in your home itself. Perhaps there may be flaws with voice command barrier. The Kinect device is NOT supposed to follow orders from strangers! What if someone says out the commands from the outside or other side of the room?

It’s annoyingly confusing that the owners who have bought this console may have some sort of technical complaints. What were the makers of this new Kinect thinking like they forgot to check for additional flaws? What about the Kinect device for the previous console and PC? What about the Playstation 4 camera then? Will there be same flaws as what the Xbox One Kinect has? Your best bet will be to get the console and the Kinect device completely powered off and disconnected when not in use.


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