Kinect for Windows Version 2 Developer Preview

Apparently, those private stuff collection bullshits we mentioned against this device were of no more so this is likely to be a good news for Windows Kinect users. This new Kinect device will be released next year in order to evolve the full body motion technology even further. During the launch of Xbox One two days ago, there was even the Developer Preview version of this device sent to the testers.

From Kinect for Windows official blog, there’s even the beta version of the SDK in which the developers who signed up for the program will get the ongoing SDK updates and the final version of the device sensor during the product release.

If Microsoft can keep up with the freedom like that after the launch of Xbox One, then it may be reasonable to buy both that console and the Windows version of the new Kinect. Until then, we may have to wait until Kinect for Windows is released next year as the amount of freedom isn’t that high enough for the technology users.

Well, even with this kind of news, I don’t give a shit about the Kinect for gaming purposes. I can probably try to use that device to try out some technology for whatever things I want to work on but there’s no way to know where to buy the Windows version of this device from the retail store. So, I guess that there will be more products of next year to be blogged here.


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