Biographies survived!

Now, I might have successfully avoided the scam event three days ago they said it to be fucking compulsory with stupid-ass consequences like they might end my life of superiority discovery if I attended there. So, really, taking place at NUS for something irrevelant they called it an event? To me, it was more like an infiltration scheme for educational purposes! We already know what the lectures are like when it comes to universities as if you’re on your own to figure all the things out taken from the talk. And in fact, it was already a shame on my faggots they called themselves my classmates for their useless attempts to stop me from pursuing anything related to my interests! But even before this blog post pops up here, I was already offended by the one who announced that scam event. I already made complaints against her but I can’t reveal what she did in the complaints maybe because after discovering that one of my club members will be working on something outside the classroom BUT in the campus tomorrow as part of some module he’s studying on, I had a realization that the complaints I made will be somewhat useless then. What if that thing he’s working on turns out to be some kind of the event?

Lastly, after the fact that I already avoided that scam event, I may be questioned by its retarded supporters and retarded attendancees on why I didn’t attend but you should already know that going against my interests and hobbies is already an offense and rudeness to me as if I can tear down your job into shreds for that. I already have some enemy who fucked me up in Beatmania IIDX the last time and is nowadays against everything of mine so it’s like he can forget about working in the future as the retarded staff.


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