Xbox One Demonstration with Kinect

Didn’t you remind yourself already that each button to be selected with EyeToy takes a few seconds? At least for the Wii Remote and Playstation Move, you can press a button after pointing the cursor at some button for instant-clicking although I don’t know how the cursor is moved with the Wii Remote by the way since I don’t have the Wii or the Wii U.

Startup-wise, the Xbox One console is claimed to start up fast just like Windows 8 does but then, the console is pretty much divided into multiple parts such as the Windows OS and game section. It seems that the main OS is something like Windows Server Hyper-V that tries to emulate both that I can’t guarantee that the console may boot up that fast after some time. If the games and other stuffs are all in one OS for that console, then it may have the chance to boot up that fast.

There may be some abilities taken from Windows 8 that can be done with Kinect but then, having these may somewhat conflict with the Kinect games and having a touchpad for the controller combined with the Windows 8 Laptop Touchpad control features can make a headache even worse for the users.

Once again, I still find the voice command to be kind of embarrassing to use so I turned it off on my Xbox 360 console.

The link can be found there:


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