Playstation Exec takes a shot at Kinect

Great thing was that the Playstation 4 was launched a few days ago or something and compared to Xbox One, its camera accessory is optional. Sure I don’t give a fuck of some accessory like this to interact like that but it seems that I already have an idea on what project to do that makes use of that accessory.

Also, not all types of games are suitable to make use of the Kinect accessory and especially when the games are under the same game genre. Sure, not all kinds of sports can be implemented with this technology but it seems that some games are already the failure for implementing some sports games that are thought to be too complicated in terms of concepts.

So in the end, it seems that this kind of technology is going towards future technology implementation instead of gaming as if the standard game controller is being stuck back according to the SCE America CEO. Maybe the touchpad on the PS4 controller is good enough for gaming but can it be good enough for MMORPG and strategy games? I bet that MMORPG games on PS4, a keyboard or keypad may be needed.


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