Beatmania IIDX 21 Spada Ustream

OK, I probably wanted to watch the live stream a few days ago but due to some club meeting on that day, I reached home at night. The stream lasted an estimated hour by the way. During the meeting, something outside of it caught me an attention. It appeared that some people were practicing Start:Dash with the video on their computer as the reference. But who cared about that? That was not the point of the meeting. Anyway, the meeting was about the upcoming club anniversary event that will be taking place outside and it’s gonna be a bigger than the one in Halloween day. Again, there were some reflections on that Halloween day event I was involved but unfortunately, there wasn’t so much club members in the meeting and certain seniors were not there too. Good thing about Ustream is that if you have missed the live stream, you can watch it later as the live streams are stored on the site like forever.

The upcoming sequel is dark fantasy looking and especially when the title screen writes out the word, Spada with the sword which looks quite amazing. However, the background is static in terms of animation and the other background layer is like moving upwards. I guess the screen is divided into three after the word writing. At first, the backgrounds are gray-ish and there’s one more background layer that is rotating. I probably expect some real fire animation in the title screen but that will be difficult to produce.

The voice is low-pitch male like trying to fit in the dark fantasy theme. It’s in Game Start screen, Music Select screen, Mode Select screen and the Game Result screen. However, some parts of the game have traces of the previous game which may seem to be an inaccurate move compared to those gothic skins used in Lunatic Rave 2. It’s like there may be difficulty for players to look at if everything is completely changed including the in-game frame. Sure, the in-game frame is still looking like the previous game but the video section has its frames changed.

At the stage result screen, for whatever reason, the sound of the crowd is like having a victory in battle when you clear a song. After the stage result, the door eventually closes and the game moves on to either Music Select screen or the Game Result screen.

However, this is all you can see at UStream until the game is out. There’s some trick you can toggle Double and Single mode at Music Select screen as seen in the live stream. The game will be out in November 13 in the middle of the KAC Prelim rounds. I don’t know what the song list is like for Tricoro folder in the next game once it’s out but until then, we have a few days left of Tricoro. Music in IIDX Spada is orchestral, sort of like playing those traditional fantasy RPG games or some sort.


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