OneGuide for Xbox One in UK next year

TV, TV, TV, SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS? WELL, STOP IMPLEMENTING THINGS LIKE THESE! I don’t watch those shows even if they are watchable on the game console! WHERE ARE THE EASTERN TV SHOWS AND MUSIC IN MICROSOFT FREAKING TECHNOLOGIES? At least Apple has ALL kinds of music contents MADE AROUND THE GLOBE!

OK, the thing here is that the OneGuide will be part of the Xbox One in the US but it will be delayed until next year in the UK. And that’s all they have with bringing us external TV channels even in Asia Set-Top Boxes?

Also, there will be large of multimedia apps that will be available for that console but the company right now doesn’t know on how many of them that will be ready for the actual launch date. Another thing is, the users can find and watch TV shows via the freaking Kinect. What about the use of remote controls or the game controller for that app? If Kinect is the only way, then you’re better off watching those TV shows via the ISP’s Set-Top Box, not the one for the freaking console.


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