Marco Civil

While they are in the middle of the preparation for a big set of actions to be taken against the tyrannical NSA for the agency’s lies, spying and going too far a month from now, there is some bill in Brazil that we must make sure that it doesn’t end up like the CIS** bill or something like that.  The voting will take place within 45 days from two days ago or something as planned by the President of Brazil. Marco Civil is one of the most progressive frameworks for internet policy ever drafted. It would secure the right to high-speed access and network neutrality, privacy standards against surveillance and guarantees for freedom of expression online. This is something we around the globe should keep watch on.

Unfortunately, the Brazilian telco lobby or whatever it is wants the Marco Civil to be used in similar ways CIS** bill is but thankfully, President Rousseff came out strongly in support of the Marco Civil’s net neutrality provisions. Not only are the protections crucial to upholding the integrity of the framework, they are an opportunity for Brazil to set international precedent. Also, we may have to be concerned that there are similar amendments to the bills that require the large companies to do the same shit as what the baddie NSA orders the companies to do so to the American users. We must not allow that kind of amendment to corrupt this bill like that. We must ensure that even the Brazilian Congress members are serious about the net neutrality protections as well.

More news to come by email from Access Now and other stuffs and the action to take is available from here:


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