Beatmania IIDX Tricoro Gameplay Report

OK, I went to the Bugis Virtualland arcade for the third time from 1PM+ to 3PM+. Each ride surely took me less than an hour so I left my home at 12PM+ although there was some train delay due to the other train already at the next station the train was supposed to travel to as the destination.

Well, at least the turntables are responsive for me and especially for the timing which was something I wanted. These two might have resulted in the progression of my skills but not a lot. I still have yet to complete the Step-Up Mode Mid-Level before moving on to Advanced Level which is the level before the highest level of the mode. Dan Mode can be seriously difficult as I have predicted as if doing Step-Up Mode is the first step with Dan Mode being the next one as I still have to figure out the scratch notes for sure.

But wait, this run is not as disgraceful as having played IIDX Tricoro for the first time or having played IIDX Resort Anthem last time. I might have improved myself a little bit but I still have to progress even further this vacation. Newer goals will be to make progress on Dan Mode in IIDX and Skill Analyzer Mode in SDVX II like I already started Skill Analyzer up to Level 2.

Overall, this gaming trip is a big punch to the shoulders and backs of those trolls who caused me to play IIDX disgracefully last time at the start of this vacation! If they dare to send us more bunches of spam mails again saying that those events which are irrevalant to me are fucking compulsory, then this may eventually mark their jobs’ bad end like they will be sacked from work for useless irritation and attempts to waste my time and brain. So, I had taught them a lesson with this gaming trip today so that they can learn not to mess with me.


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