Playstation 4 to be released next year in Japan

Alright, there are tons of Japanese-made Playstation 4 games coming as well as the console itself to be released next year so we may have until next year if we want to play them out once they are released in Asia as well. Sure, not all Japanese games are released in Asian regions un-translated or something.

Various examples I know of include the new EDF, new Dream C Club, new Idolmaster, new Phantom Breaker, new Guilty Gear and so on. Of course, out of these here, I may be interested to take a look at the new Idolmaster and Phantom Breaker games for the Playstation 4 that will be released next year.

OK, I don’t know why the conference about these took place yesterday like I supposed it should be taking place earlier or later than yesterday as I’m frankly sick and tired of everything C****-ish. It’s a serious damage to my brain like I can’t even do well ever since like few years ago. Maybe I should have avoided anything special about September 9 and moved on.


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