A new S*PA style censorship that goes against official music and music covers

The ones famous for their music covers could have started their careers that way and that seemed to be a cool opportunity for them to sing off their original songs for whichever contents that are marked as official but now, let’s get into another bad news. It seems that the Obama administration had just revived one of the worst provisions from the stupidest bill that already died last year.

The ones affected by this stupidity are the official copyrighted music and the music covers. Even the official music videos can be seriously copyrighted as well. Even virtualized music covers are likely to be affected as well if you’re not having yourself or someone to sing a cover of whichever song you like. Another stupid thing is that even the birthday song is affected by this as well. So if you are caught streaming those videos containing those affected content, you’re likely to be one of the criminals. The targeted site is likely to be YouTube so we don’t know if other sites are targeted by this stupid bill revival as well.

Lastly, when it comes to other contents such as video games for instance, that contain the licensed songs, you’ve got to be aware of this news as well. So if you’re gonna play licensed songs in rhythm games, you’ve gotta be careful as they are seriously copyrighted and copyright notice can surely occur to you depending on the song.


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