Bullet Soul Infinite Burst for Xbox 360 Announced

Finally, another shmup that will be released next year from 5PB! A few days ago, there was already the full version of Double Dealing Character and some spell cards from the last boss battle were like the shout-outs to playing Combatzeal or perhaps purposely changing screen orientation yourself in the middle of the game which may be something nobody does. In Combatzeal multi-player battle, activating the Rotate powerup from the Gradius-like powerup bar will of course rotate the other players’ playing fields but the rotation can be reset by getting hit or activating Reset powerup. I don’t know if the rotation is temporary or perhaps permanent. For those spell cards I’m talking about, they simply flip the screen vertically or horizontally which may be some tricks no other shmups have.

Speaking of what happened a few days ago, there was an announcement of Bullet Soul Infinite Burst and the PS Vita version of Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds at the Phantom Breaker related event. Graphically, there can also be the 3DS release of Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds due to how retro the graphical style is in addition to the Vita release but for Bullet Soul Infinite Burst, I don’t know what the new elements are because in the original Bullet Soul, it’s basically Star Soldier meeting Ketsui or something.

As this was the initial announcement from 5PB, we may have to wait until there are actual details on what the game looks like.


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