Microphones and cameras on phones used for spying

It doesn’t matter which manufacturer and model of the phone you’re using though as the microphones and cameras are being used by FBI to spy on the US citizens but do you think that the US is the only victim out there? If you’ve been checking out the articles about other countries being the similar victims, you might have thought more than twice about what has been going on.

Even if you have a camera-less phone, tablet or laptop, the freedom is still affected but that depends on which country you’re living in. For desktop users, the victims of this spying are still spied the other ways by the government. Lastly, even the XBox One will be part of this spying too but then I can imagine that the console is probably the worldwide spying for sure or something.

Maybe the motives from Microsoft are secretly the same as what the NSA is doing. Speaking of Xbox One, it may be a good thing to bash on due to all the spyings no matter how many improvements are there and it may also be why you should buy the other consoles instead. Maybe the victims can learn the optional lesson to remove the jailbreaks entirely from their devices to avoid being spied so that the malware planned by the FBI will not be installed without their knowing but other technical factors involve the requirements of 1GB of RAM and quad-core processors for this spying malware to be installed on the jailbroken devices. Also, does that mean that the mobile users with dual-core devices are safe? We’re not even sure about this spying crap but if this is what they are doing today and in the future, perhaps it can cause the consumers to use something else that is free of that spying bullshit completely.


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