PC/IT Show of this week

This IT Show was really big at Singapore Expo and it was shown in the news as well like it might be one of the best IT Shows out there of this year. It might be large that it consumed like 1-3 hours of explorations and information and product gathering. For me, I don’t buy stuffs from the IT Shows by the way but here were some of the updates.

There was New Horizons Singapore booth which was the Microsoft Learning Center thing or something that allowed me to take certified courses from Microsoft and other brands. I took like five lists of courses such as Windows Client, Windows Server, Adobe Creative Suite, Cisco and even System Center. However, having to take any course like that is costly and in fact, each course is pretty damn short as if it is not enough in studies like that. Exams, however, could be scheduled at any time but there is some exam hall at New Horizons Singapore to sit for.

Based on the discovery of New Horizons, I may decide to announce that I may be taking additional five courses at Microsoft Virtual Academy. It will take a big time until I have completed all my studies so that I can get ready for the bigger thing lest to save money for later but bigger studies like those at New Horizons Singapore. It may be a real waste of money should I fail so I have to be extra careful.


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