The Costly Mistake event

It’s time to visit the past to see the fictional invasive catastrophe. It’s more like a fictional sci-fi alien invasion thingy than a mysterious disaster sort of event as organized by DirectX Co-Creator. The event was supposed to take place in 1996 in Halloween. It had the reference to X-Files, Area-51 and so on but this was supposed to be a gaming related event. Sure, there would be cool games to play back then on Windows 95 days with the arrival of Direct-X technology. Why were you required to install that? Well, that technology was a new thing back then needed for advanced looking games for Windows.

In 1995, it was when DirectX was firstly shown in prototype stages before it was re-shown again in final stages as well as the introduction of Direct3D. The event in 1996 was supposed to be a huge one but then, it seemed that Microsoft had to cancel it at the last moment which was kind of unfortunate. For that event, things were supposed to resemble certain Sci-Fi alien themed shows as well as the involvement of some X-Files actors. For example, the interior was supposed to resemble the alien spaceship thing. On the inside for the event, people could see Bill Gates with the mask that would make them think that he was an alien or some sort. The event should be lasting three days and there was an online game tournament.

In the middle of the speech, it was interrupted and the developers were sent to the military base to see some huge alien vessel as part of the event.

Well, those were all the plans the DirectX Co-Creator had gotten as well as Microsoft. In 1997, he was apparently gotten a bad review of a 2/10 and got fired as a result for some silly alien abduction plans as part of the event. It was kind of controversial in the past to the company and the consumers as if there was a fake alien invasion all along planned by Microsoft.

Eventually, the alien ship thing was taken down and still sitting somewhere inside the company premise for years. Today. it looks like the same kind of mistake is bound to happen but in completely different way with the upcoming launch of Xbox One. That kind of modern event failure to that DirectX Co-Creator reminded him of his event failure in 1996 and that failure was kind of nostalgic.

You know, what that guy did was seriously unforgivable to Microsoft as if all the alien abduction stuffs were starting to look fake anyway and especially for the spaceship. Having to abduct people like that as part of the event as well as to make things extremely costly should not be parts of the event anyway. It should be displaying a bunch of epic looking games on screen similar to E3 today, not making up certain scenes from alien invasion movies like that.

Okay then, here are the following links taken from his blog:


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