Finally, a presidental response to CISP*

They may have stalled the bill in the Senate and today, the Whitehouse released the response to a petition against it. Now that Fight For The Future has updated their website with the infographical stuff about this bill. We all have the predictions on what will happen to the entire Internet freedom should this bill pass. So, not only will the US citizens be affected but also the US servers the companies are founded on. Your best workaround will be to use the brands founded elsewhere like the Chinese IT companies and even the non-US IT and media companies like Baidu, Nico Nico Douga, Zoome, Mixi and the list goes on. That way, you will not be affected. However, we surely do not want a technical betrayal to happen too like we may be betrayed by the IT companies we have been using their products all because of this bill.

Using the previous bill called Freedom of Information Act, the IT companies can ensure that they should have lots of security on the users’ privacy but now, this CISP* bill is trying to reverse everything like having the companies to share your private stuffs with the government and the military which is kind of bullshit in the first place.

Okay, the fighting is still going on over the internet freedom but that doesn’t even mean we can have a day off of this just because it’s Labor Day. The link to the site goes here.


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