CIS** will be broken up into multiple bills?

NOOO, GOD DAMN IT, what was Senate thinking and doing like that? Breaking up this controversial bill into multiple ones? Right now, we don’t know what the newer upcoming bills will be like after CIS** is broken up into.

Also, from the mail sent by ACLU, it seems that they have come up with the 1950s movie-like poster about Smashing This Bill into pieces before it does to us. You can share that poster with other Facebook friends but then, who takes a crap about useless bills like this? Well, that will be the companies that support it, the House Representative and other dumbasses who will be taking a shit about it. For us, we may be the huge opposers of this bill and as members of IDL, we surely have to take a look out of what’s going on with the bills and then make a reporting news about them as well as taking actions against them.


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