CIS** is passed in the House but we have two chances left

Will this or May be the last month before we’ll get our asses leaked to the government? If that’s the case, we may as well be using Baidu, Nico Nico Douga, AOL and Firefox to do the stuff and uninstalling Google products entirely and ditching the shit out of Android and Microsoft devices we already have in favor of the IOS and Blackberry devices. If this is how the average IQ of humanity or government is like nowadays, it’s like following a shitty rule like a animal!

We already took the same actions tons of times against CIS** but the Congress has been ignoring us.

One more different action to take. You can prepare a video of yourself explaining on what this bill is about and your video has to take place in your home as I think that nobody has a home with the basement or some sort. You can prepare yourself from here:


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