Few days left before CIS** voting begins

Even ACLU had sent me a mail about this bill whose voting will take place in a few days. However, the action from the link from the mail will require some kind of donation so we’re skipping this method of taking actions against this bill. Should it pass, that’s the end of your privacy as if your privacy will be at the hands of the companies and governments and if there’s anything illegal caught in your private possession, you may be in trouble. We must not allow this bill to pass at all costs even if it doesn’t target the different country you’re in because we may imagine that the similar bill may threaten yours or perhaps the whole globe one day that you may also want to oppose it as well no matter how much defense the bill makers may have against the opposers. It’s a good thing that even ACLU supporters and Facebook are starting to oppose the CIS** bill as well. The war for internet freedom never ends ever since last year.


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