CIS** voting is taking place

If this bill is bound to pass, then the Americans may end up stopping using Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc but if it fails, we may have saved the internet freedom of the US. According to the mail from Fight For The Future I just received today, it said that the voting is apparently taking place today so let’s get ready to fight over the Internet Freedom once again. The Americans don’t have much time of freedom left as the mail has said but if we take actions now, we can extend their freedom.

At the site:, you’re given three options below the video but of all those are probably tweets or something. Today, it seems that Facebook has higher security than before due to the stupid past company policy about having employees surrendering their passwords to consider being employed for work but what about Google and Twitter? Also, Facebook is finally starting to oppose the CIS** bill due to the high power of privacy that they want to keep their users safe from any policy that is against the privacy.

Another interesting thing is that some companies like Reddit, Mozilla, etc. are opposing that bill as well so bravos, Mozilla, your US people are able to use your popular products like Firefox again. However, if that list is not enough, you can try to add the company you’re working in to the list to ensure that your company’s freedom should stay safe from this on-going bill even if the company you’re in is not in the US.

Lastly, there is a video from Reddit that also speaks up the concerns of this bill. The actions from Save Your Privacy Policy are easy to take, just choose those three options below the embedded video as I mentioned as well as sign the freaking petition. Jeez, do I have to re-sign the same freaking petitions again and again and again? Another update today is that the floor voting will take place next week and the bill is really moving forward the House as if the threat is kind of real. More progresses after this.


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