Zedd’s Clarity Remix Contest (Note: I didn’t take part at all)

Last December, there was a remix competition and what caught us our attention was that various contestants who worked on certain songs for Bemani games were involved as the contestants. Famous ones though would be Kors K and DJ Noriken. Kors K was like in the top 3 until at the last moments, things had changed like he was no longer in top 3 which brought us to the previous bullshit reason. The previous bullshit reason regarded the deadline extension. It was kind of bullshit and unknown out of the blue but he could have won the second prize if not for the stupid extension. Interestingly enough, it looked like everyone around the globe knows the god damn song composed by Zedd.

DJ Noriken, on the other hand, I don’t know if he’s part of Bemani but then, he worked on two songs all along. That’s right, one for SDVX and one for IIDX 20 Tricoro. Even IOSYS took part but in the ridiculous way. What the hell was up the idea and thoughts of IOSYS when it came to their remix of Clarity? You think that people would approve IOSYS remix like that? That’s kind of ridiculous to me. Another rumored factor is that the contestants must be the US residents and I don’t know if that was true or not.

Unfortunately, the whole contest was a rigged trap. We don’t even see the top winner’s remix in the album, like WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? But the workaround is that there are tons of other contestants’ remixes available for listening online via SoundCloud for example and you can download the favorite remix of that song from that site after the contest was already over.

So, the tools were like this. You were given the loops/samples or whatever needed to remix the goddamn song with whichever equipment you have including the DAW software. Then, you had to plan out the complete originality and place all the things you had into one whole project needed for the contest. Lastly, you might need the SoundCloud account to do the submission.


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