Strike Witches STG for PSP

Damn, I forgot to blog about the PSP version last year but now, I’m giving this a try before moving on. The PSP version has additional stuffs the Xbox 360 version doesn’t have and some of the graphical details are missing compared to the Xbox 360 version. Expect the slowdowns to be in the PSP version as well since this may seem to be a modern shooter developed by Gulti. The PSP port is another good one as the Xbox 360 version can be played on the Japanese Xbox 360 consoles only which is kind of regretful for Asian players like us just like the shopkeeper already told me the other time. This may also be due to the fact that it is an anime licensed video game but for the PSP version, you can play this game on non-Japanese PSP consoles as well as the console itself is region free that there’s no need to worry about the games being region locked or something.

Well, it may be a fun game based on the anime but I guess that to have a real fun in this game, you either need to know the genre the game is in or perhaps the anime itself to play it. Lastly, I think that it’s a shame that this game won’t be in the Asian PSN either not because it’s a licensed game.


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