Groove Coaster Zero

OK, I already had this app all along on my IPod Touch and things were quite good until there was another update that changed the factors forever in getting the songs. Instead of getting the songs like everyday, we end up getting the songs by leveling up. Perhaps it was kind of lucky like that that the replayability was changed where-else for TapSonic on IOS, it was unfortunate that this kind of above-mentioned feature was COMPLETELY GONE! That ruined the replayability like there’s no way I can play more songs for free like everyday compared to Groove Coaster zero on IOS. Way to go to casual games for taking over the mobile gaming like that.

This year, there are some surprising updates as well, in addition to the upcoming arcade version, there’s even a pack of Vocaloid songs in the IOS version of Groove Coaster Zero so that you can enjoy them even before the arcade version is bound to come out. We don’t know the release date yet for the arcade version as of now but more details can be revealed after that.


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