Office documents on Office 365 Final Version

As we already know, the preview versions of all the Office 365 products had already expired and it’s going to be time to buy the final versions of Office 365 products like they were already available. So, when you install Office 365, you get to see the Welcome to Office video. I don’t know if that video is updated or not for the final version but it should be to reflect the title.

Now, here came an irritating part. For some reason, the applications decided to jam/hang on me due to that STUPID CONNECTION TO Office 365 and Skydrive stuffs. WHAT WAS THAT TECHNICAL PROBLEM ALL ABOUT WHEN TRYING TO EDIT OR SAVE A DOCUMENT ONLINE? In that case, I had already decided to edit the Office documents stored in my Dropbox storage INSTEAD! Even worse was that the Office documents I’ve been using were not able to be synchronized properly. That freaking Office Upload feature, it wouldn’t do any uploading feature let alone the Skydrive doing all the work.

At least, the new Skydrive doesn’t give me whatever technical problems because it functions the same way as Dropbox does and especially for the new Skydrive site that allows you to browse the files online but if you try to work on the Office documents stored in your company’s Office 365/Skydrive online as a team, I don’t know if the technical problems will surely annoy you or some sort. Better still, use Skydrive for storage purposes while using Dropbox for synchronization and document editing purposes in business.

Another irritating problem when editing documents is that interface keeps animating when the window is not that large or wide enough and when you’re editing certain parts of the documents.

I don’t know if the bugs are fixed in the final version and I will be buying Office 365 Home Premium or not one day but that has been so much of beta testing for me that new bugs can continue to annoy the beta testers upon detecting them and the developers are being reported regarding them and asked to fix them.


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