March 19 Cat Signal Aftermath

OK, I surely had taken action against the controversial bill, CIS** and I recently got a mail from Fight The Future for doing that. I was told about the update that there was some progress being made. During the morning of the first hearing, they worked with their friendly organization, Demand Progress and used Twitter and Email to deliver signatures creatively. We agreed that the bill, CIS** is as worse as the previous bills we already defeated. However, it appears that the voting can go as early as around this week and it looks like things are already happening. At this point, we don’t know if the bill will pass or fail but before that, it seemed that the IDL had already launched the actions against CIS** in March 24 to sound the alarm about it.

After all, the bill, CIS**, is already as bad as ever like someone from the government has come up with a stupid plan to spy on the users’ privacy over illegal activity. It’s an awful idea as you can tell and it’s already fascinating us ever since I became a member of IDL. It doesn’t matter if the alert works here in this blog or not but this is not my main emergency focus nowadays.


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