Cat Signal Alert from IDL starting today!

Whatever the reason, it seems that IDL is alerting all of us, the members of IDL to alert the viewers of another upcoming bill that will put the end to privacy, CI**A. Well, it’s like the government thinks that the six-strike policy thing isn’t that enough to finish the freedom off in the US and now it looks like they’re making things even worse with CIS** bill. We had already blogged about the freaking six-strike policy thing and somehow it can be mixed with CIS** bill for sure if the CIS** bill passes. It may be a shame on the US ISPs like that as if they have been turned into biggest IT failures of all time by messing up the internet speed or cutting down the internet access entirely and then getting the users to take copyright re-creational education classes or something which is by far the stupidest thing the government had ever planned. Having to take such classes like that is a serious waste of time to the people and cutting down internet access like that is like causing them to complain against the ISPs like that.

The next giant failure will be the one who worked on SO*A bill and CIS*A bill. For this upcoming bill, CIS**, it is designed to spy on the users in the US as well as their privacy for whatever illegal things that have been done and that’s freaking stupid to spy on the users’ privacy!

Today, the Internet Defense League has teamed up with Electronic Frontier Foundation to launch an action against this upcoming bill so let’s get ready to take actions against that bill as it is bad for the internet freedom and one day, your country will be next without notice if you don’t take actions against the bad bills. We must make sure that this upcoming useless bill, CIS** doesn’t pass at all costs!


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