Internet freedom in US is in ruins and France will be next

Well, we recently received another message from Fight For The Future and you can refer to the previous post regarding the premises of this on-going law used by the US ISPs. The law might have succeeded like it made an crash-landing impact on the US as if the whole inter-networking is getting lazy whatsoever. This is by far a stupid cruelty the government in the US had planned.

Also, from Engadget, it seems that the government in France is planning the same kind of thing as well. In France, whatever you stream and download will be tracked. Secondly, the law will be like the previous laws we fought so far like S**A and P***, etc. What the second step means is that, if you website is caught having any illegal content download and streaming in your possession, such nastily stupid actions will be taken against it like the DNS and IP addresses will be blocked. I don’t know if even your financial accounts will be suspended as well in addition to your personal online ones.

And now we have seen the name, Hadopi? More like Hadoken to me! As the members of Internet Defense League, we should go Hadoken the shit out of those stupid bills mentioned in this blog post! Sure, that law had already impacted with the US like the whole US was turned ruins and now, it looks like France will be the next cyber-victim. If we fail again to take enough actions against bad laws like these mentioned here, then what are we gonna do? Will we expel ourselves from IDL should we fail again?


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