February 25th, Internet Freedom in the US ends soon?

It looks like the ISPs in the US are trying to do things even worse than last time. Some of the ISPs are already supporting the CIS** bill like idiotic ISPs in which they will track you down over whichever file you download or share. If you’re caught doing this from Monday onwards, they can do naughty things like slowing down or worse of all, cutting off the internet connection. This can lead to serious technical misunderstandings all because of this stupid law!

The good workaround is that you can buy the VPN from Private Internet Access website to teach those dumbasses not to mess with the internet freedom. It may be good if Fight For The Future brings you there. The bills might have succeeded in some other countries the last time but what if your country is next?

Unfortunately, due to the fact that Private Internet Access uses the freaking VPN technology, they should be better off with better privacy and better privacy security technology as it may affect the need for VPN usage in business. This can be vulnerable like you’ll be tracked by the ISPs that run the business networks but the best thing is that you should keep on getting connected to the PIA VPN at all times. But, what if the subscription expires? You will probably leave yourself no choice but to buy another copy of the same subscription to extend it.

Normally, we want to see that revived CIS** bill die off again so that the ISPs can realize on how bad it is. No matter how improved the bill is, we will still fight for the internet freedom even if we’re living in the unaffected country because we can imagine that there may be bills that will target us one day.


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