Groove Coaster Arcade

Originally an IOS game where you tap anywhere on the screen to the beat provided that you’re reaching those glowing notes. It may be like Audiosurf where you’re riding through the track but actually, you’re flying through the course of the song and you’re approaching those glowing notes. There are also hidden notes known as the Ad-Lib and you can’t see them unless you use the Ad-Lib item to turn them visible. The Ad-Lib notes are bonus notes and if you’re familiar with Rhythm games a lot, you can try to do the Ad-Lib sort of thing.

Control-wise, it is easy. You tap anywhere on the screen when you’re approaching the notes so think of this as Taiko No Tatsujin game but on the ride. For the arcade version, get the controller in which we have no idea what it is until the game is location tested sometime later this month.


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