Windows Intune for IT Professionals Jump Start

For whatever reason, the event started yesterday in 1am to 9am Singapore Time and that meant that there would be clashes with the activities that were supposed to start in the early morning in Singapore Time. This is so much for online events to start like that but I guess that I would still have to attend that event because it’s IT RELATED! Shame that I missed out parts of the event from 5:30am to 8am and the worse case scenario was that I was tired in the middle of the event that I went into sleep, wasting a bunch of attentions I paid.

Windows InTune is the cloud management solution for business where you can manage the devices that are on the cloud network. You can use this for Remote Assistance or something as well as to regain remote access on the cloud in case you may want to inspect some computer for defects or something. Other solutions mentioned in the Jump Start are System Center and Windows Azure. System Center allows you to deploy your plans to various computers on the network with the EndPoint Protection other tools while Windows Azure is the cloud computing solution for business. From the Jump Start, you can synchronize the Active Directory between the servers to the Windows Azure active directory. You can also see the AD users and groups in Windows Intune as well and just like Windows SBS Server and Home Server, you can establish your own online domain in Windows InTune and add the respective business users to that domain.

Speaking of Active Directory tools, there were new tools I discovered from the Jump Start event. DirSync is one of the examples from Microsoft which you can synchronize the Active Directory between domains or perhaps the forests. Be careful, you cannot install this on the domain controller as there may be some kind of conflicts.

During the meal break, there were Edge episodes displayed on the live online broadcast screen which talked about the topics related to Windows InTune and other tools as well. Also, almost each module has its own 10 minute break. The workarounds are the presentation slides and the recordings that are available for download after the event but in the middle of the event, the presentation slides were already available in case you would miss certain parts of the events due to some schedule conflicts. The last module was that you could add the non-Windows mobile devices to Windows InTune as Windows InTune today supports Windows Phone, IOS, Android, Windows 8 and RT and the regular OSes such as Windows and Mac OSX OSes. For Android devices, you may need the EAS or whatever that solution is and besides, the non-Windows OSes are managed by the OEMs or some sort. Also, Office 365 was mentioned in the Jump Start and both Windows InTune and Office 365 could be parts of Windows Azure due to the usage of cloud technology.

After the event, I was given a survey to give good opinions about the trainers, presentation and the event. The presentation and demonstration were surprisingly good and the trainers had like the good talk like it was a very good two-person show with computers in front of the hosts and the screen behind them on the wall displaying the show title and the episode title. So bravos to Microsoft for having its own Virtual Academy and bringing me to Jump Start events like this. Want to see more, you can check out at Microsoft Virtual Academy where you can study more of the IT stuffs.


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