Yukei Seikai Reconstruction

It seems that Sasakure.uk is one of the band members of UK Rampage and the band name surely has some reference to his name and albums. Last year, there was an album consisting of the band’s covers of the respective Vocaloid songs we know of but there are also songs I don’t even know of. It doesn’t matter if the songs are composed by Sasakure.uk or not, it is basically a cover album of the Vocaloid songs. This was released in October last year and there was a concert with their covers being played and at the end of the concert, there was an announcement that some of their songs will be in Jubeat Plus and Reflec Beat Plus. Previously, Jubeat Plus had the Vocaloid songs which were the original versions but with this pack for both games, all the songs are actually the UK Rampage covers. Perhaps, it won’t cause the controversy that way but even then, we can still recognize some of the band members as well as the songs in the pack. Hello Planet and Freely Tomorrow are the known examples if you have played Project Diva series before like I did. Other known examples include Ura Omote Lovers, Senbon Zakura and Strobe Last etc. Perhaps, it is UK Rampage’s intention to put in their covers in Jubeat Plus and Reflec Beat Plus while they had given credits to the original producers. Hell, even Mitchie M already knew that his song is going to be in those two Bemani games on IOS. Also, the music pack was already released recently sometime this month.


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