Moekana Pack Obtained

Days after attending Japan’s Cultural Talk, attendants received the AFA voucher that allowed some discounts when buying the Moekana Pack at *Scape. However, the voucher had limited time before it would expire so I had no choice but to buy the Starter and the Booster sets of entire pack and both were not quite expensive to buy. Also, it took me some time to locate *Scape and it turned out that I had to take the short path but unfortunately, I took the long path there as if the information in Google Maps is out-dated. Where is the structure in Google Maps?

Another surprising thing was that there was even the Perfume 1st World Tour concert thing going on just outside of *Scape building. Basically, the whole concert took place in many countries which might mean outside Japan but then Singapore wasn’t the first by the way as we knew that the concert took place later in Singapore after taking place in previous countries. Of course, I’m not into concerts but it was surprising to me to stumble upon that concert.

At the AFA Shop thing inside *Scape, there wasn’t much items I wanted to buy based on my knowledge so buying figures like Nendoroid, Figma and so on will not be the easy task for me like how would I know where to buy even more of these. In addition to buying the whole pack of Moekana cards, I also bought the Idolmaster Nendoroid figure which turned out to be one of the random characters. I wanted to buy the whole set of those figures but it turned out that I bought like one random figure like that. However, even after buying the Moekana pack, it wasn’t quite enough for us as we have lots of ways to learn Japanese and if you forget the freaking birthday of the Mirai Millenium characters, you should be able to use that pack to check out the character profiles again.

Lastly, I even explored more of *Scape building. The AKB48 cafe shop is moved to the upper floor for some reason I don’t know of and there’s even the PC gaming room with the headphones equipped so that you can hear things coming from the computer you’re using and not hear any other noises. It may be the same for other PC LAN gaming rooms where there are headphones which are useful for preventing the noises for being spread out. There’s even the console gaming room somewhere inside *Scape building and that’s kind of fun for you.

And once again, this blog post is posted here instead of my Blogger blog due to some irritations I mentioned in the previous blog post.

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