DJ Max Ray Update

Ver 1.04 and 1.05 have 3 song packs each and various fixes. For Ver 1.04, I may think that there’s no need to backup and restore your account data just to update the game to the next version while it adds additional 3 song packs while for Ver 1.05 which may be surprising to you, you can preview play the songs similar to TapSonic on IOS before you buy them. In addition, the medal system is changed in Ver 1.05 that you can get the respective three medals depending on how well you play for the number of cleared patterns. However, to get the Rainbow medal, you may need to get the Full Combo clear for all of 9 patterns.The final update of this game of last year was Ver 1.04 and this year, we get the first one of this year which is Ver 1.05.


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