Windows Multipoint Server 8

For some lazy reasons, the respective IT blogging websites forgot to blog about this educational server based OS. Perhaps, this one has some flaws. Having to divide the god damn system specs with multiple input and output devices is ridiculous and tedious for the performance and who the hell wants this kind of technology for educational purposes? Your best bet will be to stick back to the normal plan in deploying all the normal computers and connecting them to the network that leads to other networks. Then, the students can have peace in having smoother performance.

So the purpose of this kind of operating system goes like this. First, you’ll need a series of the monitors, USB keyboards, USB mice as well as the video outputs all connected to the respective bridges that are connected to the main machine. Second, you’ll need to plan out the number of students in the classroom as well as to get some network connectivity to the main machine to keep your educational business going.

However, it seems that things are already worse for Windows Multipoint Server 8. First of all, the dashboard still looks like the previous dashboard like they didn’t have the time and opportunity to upgrade to the latest dashboard as seen on Windows Server 8 and its Essentials edition for small business and home use. THIS is going to be even slower and clunky that it makes Windows Phone 7 and 8 even better and better and better. In fact, the Metro interface is completely unnecessary in some points such as the Start Screen, the Left Taskbar as well as the Charms Bar. At least, the tablet devices can be used for educational purposes but for this operating system, it is probably not worth using for educational purposes.


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