Top 5 Blog Posts of this year in My WordPress Blog

Welcome to my top 5 WordPress blog posts of this year. The stats helper monkeys prepared a annual report for this blog this year.

So here are the following top 5s blog posts of this year in my WordPress Blog:

  • Dodonpachi Maximum and Saidaioujou OST CD – There was an update for Dodonpachi Maximum which included an additional stage, updated Ketsui boss battle BGM, more sound effects and other gameplay tweaks. It also included the Easy Mode in case you find the game as hard as balls even in Normal Mode difficulty and above. The bonus songs in the CD are the arranges of the original Dodonpachi and the image song of Dodonpachi Saidaioujou. Next year, you get to hear the Xbox 360 exclusive BGMs in the Xbox 360 port of Dodonpachi Saidaioujou as well as to see the opening and play as the new Xbox 360 exclusive character. Damn it to the Xbox 360 shmup openings, they look as simple as ever with the gameplay videos as part of the opening. Maybe the opening sequence to today’s shmups is unnecessary anyway while the ending sequence may be optional depending on the game like escaping from the exploding enemy fortress with your spaceship.
  • Dodonpachi Saidaioujou OST CD Update
  • Eschatos Arrange OST DLC and Patch – Eschatos may seem to be great but the DLC is somewhat tremendously ignored as if people prefer the fan-made arranges instead. There are other updates that allow Tate mode for Judgment Silversword and Cardinal Sins as well as other patches for this game as well. Stay tuned for next year as Ginga Force will be released from the same creators of Eschatos.
  • Soreyuke Burunyanman for PC and PSP – The PSP version has the extra stage which is already ridiculously hard after the last stage and the third playable character is replaced entirely with a different character to make this game a 17+ compared to the PC version. However, these changes were already too late as things were already controversial between this and Galgun on the Playstation 3 which also had the DLCs taken from this game. However, the text is somewhat too small like that on the PSP version and there are more slowdowns than usual. The Playstation Vita port can fix a thing but it cannot be the same for the contents and graphics that this kind of port will not happen. I imagine that the Playstation 3 port will have even sharper graphics but the third playable character should be taken from the PSP version. You know, you’re better off with other games instead of this and Galgun.
  • Calendar App for Windows 8 – Well, I’ve been using Windows 8 ever since the Developer Preview phase and next year, I may be using Windows Embedded Standard 8 Release Preview which may expire in April next year compared to Windows 8 prototype versions which may expire in January next year. What happened to the Metro apps? Well, as I’m still using the Release Preview version, the apps are not functioning anymore like it’s a COMPLETE SHAME on Microsoft like that for making this operating system a major development disaster compared to its rival mobile operating systems whose apps are still as functional as ever. If not for the stupid Desktop stuff for tablet users, if EVERYTHING is metro-ized which includes EVERYTHING on desktop mode and Metro mode and if NOT for other bugs, it MIGHT have been a better operating system in the first place.

Stay tuned for more video game contribution stuffs of this year and last year and especially for two years later which may mean games released last year, this year and two years later will be contributed. Unfortunately, this is already taking me beyond this year to complete the contribution like I still have yet to finish remixing the songs from the games released this year so you get to notice even more of these remixes I’ll be doing next year. Lastly, you can click here to see the complete annual WordPress blog report of this year.


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