Wordament on IOS

WHAT? They should have released this port earlier or so! Having to release this last week was already too late back then when other people already predicted before we reached beyond last week which is already the week with Christmas day we’re already in.

Surprisingly enough, the IOS users are able to get another Metro gaming experience with Wordament, another game that was originally on Windows 8 and Windows Phone and it is the first game to feature Xbox Live support. Wait, Xbox Live support on non-Microsoft devices? OH JEEZ, WHAT WAS MICROSOFT THINKING LIKE THAT? When you start the game on the IOS, you’re presented with the sign in page that you may need to login with your Xbox Live account or Microsoft Account. Otherwise, you can play as a guest which is an offline way to play. And of course, this isn’t the first Windows Phone game that was ported to IOS.


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