Blazblue Calamity Trigger on Windows 8

OK, guess what when it was recently released this perhaps this week or last week, it is on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices are not supported. Perhaps, the game itself is damn advanced just like the original PC port two years ago. If that release date was such a case to you, you were better off with the original PC port or other versions of the game as the Windows 8 release of this game was already too late then like we thought that there would be some sort of calamity approaching or something but it turned out that no such shit happened and therefore, you’re still able to play the Windows 8 version.

However, do you probably want to play the freaking Windows 8 version when you already have owned other version? What about moving on to the latest series when you are already a big fan of the series or the genre itself? To the business and consumers, the operating system is already a technical mess or technical disaster for desktop users in which people already found it unacceptable in various ways.

So here’s what Windows 8 version is like. The system requirements falls in the same range as the original PC port and the controls are done with touch, gamepad and keyboard so that you can try out the game with the arcade stick again for example for better arcade experience. Fortunately, this is damn cheap to get and that’s the best thing about Windows 8 port compared to buying other versions. However, it may not be the same for buying other stuffs just to get this port as the overall costs may be much higher than buying a console and the console port together.


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