Maimai Plus

The word, Plus, sounds like there’s going to be an IOS port of this rhythm game but my imagination is wrong. It is actually an updated game with additional stuffs and improvements. There are more Vocaloid songs to play in addition to the originals as well as even more Extend songs. Another information is that there is some soundtrack CD called, Rave Party Tokyo or something, in which Sega took several songs for that game and to a surprise, it seems that various Touhou circles were involved in that soundtrack CD. Even Cranky, the BMS music composer was involved as well as his latest song was put in Maimai Plus. This isn’t the first time his song was in put the commercial rhythm game in the arcade. The previous game was DJ Max Portable 3 according to the Japanese Wikipedia of La Campanella.

Damn, it seemed that the mechanical problem of the card swiping part for Maimai is still there despite the update that took place yesterday when blogging this in Eastern regional time. And it’s really fascinating to me when some little kids try to bash the shit out of the buttons of whichever arcade games when they’re in attract modes. What an inaccurate rule and its factors that the vacation is left out way too long like lasting for more than five weeks for children.


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