Will the new future come in good and bright shape?

For some reason regarding the closing of this year for Google, they have decided to shut down various services such as the less popular features and services that less people had already used. The most popular services from Google are probably the search engine, Email, Google Plus, mobile devices and even the web browser. I highly doubt that the Gmail tutorial may have some calendar spoilers everyone may know of that is taking place around this month. So here are the following stuffs that will be shut down:

  • Less popular Google Calendar features: On January 4 next year, you won’t be able to create new reservable times on your Calendar through Appointment slots and they recommend Find a Time view or Suggested times as alternatives to Smart Rescheduler and Add Gadget by URL. This may be due to the reason that there are no such words as mentioned such as Rescheduler or Reservable. Maybe the updated dictionary should have added those words earlier. Another reason is probably unknown. The last set of features is US exclusives, Check Your Calendar via SMS and Create event via SMS. How are those the good ideas anyway when we already can check the calendar and make events on our mobile devices through the respective apps? Those US exclusive features are already continued today as most users prefer the mobile Calendar apps to do the stuffs, as in the Calendar app in the smartphone and tablet devices.
  • Google Sync: With Exchange ActiveSync protocol, this is where things get more business-friendly than consumer friendly and in fact, there was the recent launch of CardDAV which Google offers similar access via IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV, making it possible to build a seamless sync experience using open protocols. Well, that’s getting more freedom in synchronization. Starting January 30 next year for customers, you won’t be able to set up new devices but the whole is still fully functioning for business, government and education so the workaround for the closure is still there.
  • Other Sync features: There were recently newer Nokia devices running Windows Phone and some Linux embedded OS. Yesterday, the Google Calendar Sync was already discontinued in which there was no more initiated reason to synchronize the calendar stuffs again when we can still synchronize our data automatically. Okay, it seems that we can automatically receive newer mails as if things are synchronized again but synchronizing calendars is like on crack. The calendar feature is already part of your mail account and once you make addition, modification and removal to certain events, you may realize that your mail account is starting to be synchronized again. Lastly, services for older mobile devices will be discontinued as well.
  • Other features include the Issue Tracker Data API and Punchd which will be discontinued some time next year.


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