Skydrive for Xbox 360?

Yikes, what the fuck? This is a disastrous idea Microsoft has come up with and it is going to be a disastrous report/article you’re going to see from here and Neowin site. You see, having the cloud storage on Xbox 360 console is already fine for storing game saves perhaps but THIS is a disaster striking the company’s asses! Who thought this may be a good idea anyway? You can’t edit stuffs on the Skydrive directly on your console and I don’t know if you can view photos and videos on that console. It may be seriously flawed that it makes the network viewing of the content look like the USB media player connected to the console. THIS IS MORE LIKE A READ-ONLY CLOUD VIEWER than the fully functional cloud service on the device and such technology like this SHOULD NOT be implemented in USB media players as well.

When it comes to servers, what you’re gonna do about the data stored on them. Do you edit, create and remove stuffs directly on the servers? Who the hell at the data center may want that?

Well, I don’t know if the game saves can be stored in the Skydrive storage or not but a huge technical disaster may happen to your account that will affect all the services that power it if you happen to have violated some new rules or terms of usages or whatever like what already happened to someone’s Hotmail account.


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