Bravos over Windows Phone 8 Keyboard

Again, there’s not much of difference than Windows Phone 7 OS as Windows Phone 8 is actually the improved version of the OS. Various IT blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo have praised the operating system over the secrets of the Windows Phone 8 keyboard.

So what did they have? Well, they had set out to make their critically-acclaimed keyboard even more intuitive, accurate and personal. Bravos to the developers at Microsoft and this is how you call the operating system a faster one.

Using the new feature on Windows Phone 8 called Word Flow, an improved and renamed version of Quick Correct feature from Windows Phone 7.5, to help prevent time-wasting typos and focus on what matters: communicating with the people you care about, it is designed to reflect how real people communicate to each other and so it knows everything from whatever culture. Speaking of some sort of pop culture, it may be where the weakness lies in the ones who have been working on the operating systems. It’s a cool discovery on whichever culture you like but it can be distracting to work by the way. However, the smartphones surely have the limited space to put in like billions of words in English dictionary so they have chosen some 600000 of the most common words and phrases that people actually type on their smartphones to power Word Flow’s corrections and suggestions.

The result is that the auto-correction skills of Windows Phone’s are 94% accurate out of the box and Word Flow is also designed to be keen of your writing habits and what you care about. It’s always learning so it can help personalize the suggestions and corrections to suit each individual person.

During the making the virtual keyboard like that, they have seen smartphones make frustrating goofy fixes. If there’s a proof, you can check out the thousands of hilarious submissions on sites like Damn You Autocorrect. They tried their best to prevent Windows Phone series from being the stars of those sites. The device needs to know a lot of words so it can figure out what you’re trying to type. So, they have the built-in virtual dictionary akin to the dusty old copy of Webster’s on your shelf.

Even a smarter dictionary, however, doesn’t prevent strange suggestions and unwanted auto-corrections. There are already reason to know why.

And to make even more cultural popularity about Windows Phones, they have also turned to social networking sites and Wikipedia to help inform their dictionaries. But instead of relying on those sites to verify the words to ensure that they are proper words for yourself, they have instead built the programs to crawl these sites for new and commonly-used words.

Lastly, there’s also the custom dictionary feature just like using the computer but then, custom dictionary may be a rare or perhaps a pointless feature. Now, if only the developers can try even harder like that.


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