Facebook Update for BlackBerry

BlackBerry devices are the smartphone sort of devices that I don’t even use smartphones as I don’t contact people through the phones. Like always, I make contacts with people through the email information. The ways I contact people will be the emailing and chatting and that sounds way too social enough to communicate.

Facebook for BlackBerry is apparently updated to Version 3.3 with newer features and increased BlackBerry Messenger connectivity. Other new stuffs include the new look and feel with refreshed icons and navigation.

Using BBM Integration, you can invite your Facebook friends to BlackBerry Messenger provided that they have the BlackBerry devices. And as BlackBerry series is the smartphone series, you can make calls in addition to various Facebook features.

Unfortunately, having to share your PIN is a controversial thing to me as this is supposed to the private sort of passcode thing you should not reveal to. First of all, you may end up sharing your BlackBerry PIN on Facebook in your Facebook profile which may be kind of bullshit anyway and Facebook already had tightened the security in doing their best to keep parts of your profile settings private.

The Photo feature is redesigned for modern navigation and somehow, it looks similar to the Photo apps in other smartphone devices and you’re able to view the photos in higher resolution. Even better is that you can save photos from Facebook to your device and media card.


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