Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed

Yikes, I forgot to blog about this one and I could have gotten more serious here but then it seems like the technology giants are still preparing their stuffs like there’s no reports whatsoever.

OK, here comes the details for the game ever since the launch of the game. It has the vehicular transformation during the race and is the sequel to the original. The graphics are somewhat even better than ever with better effects. The character list ranges from various Sega games according to the requests from the fans but there are also licensed characters which Sega has no rights to put them in. However, it seems that some movie called, Wreck It Ralph from Disney has the Sonic cameo appearance that Sega gave Disney back the favor to put in the movie characters in this game.

Then, the Sega fans have the guts to put in the characters from licensed Sega games like the ones from Project Diva series. Unfortunately, the characters DO NOT belong to Sega and they are OWNED by Crypton Future Media. The games, however, are made by Sega with the supervision from Crypton Future Media. SOL from Sega or perhaps Sumo Digital has already confirmed that they won’t make it into the game. However, there is already some second phase of the petition and if we for them in addition to other characters from other Sega games and they are in the top three, great, there will be a chance. Unfortunately, I have no guarantees for the western release of M*** as the DLC for this game as I don’t know how the retards will react to certain DLC characters like her that they may end up insulting on the game, the company or perhaps M*** herself like childish retards. We do not want to see things happening like that. We want to see the otakus playing this game as her. But then, another dis-guarantee regards the franchise itself when she’s put in the game as DLC. It seems that things were already that bad enough that the fanbase was already broken in the mid-2000s until 2k10 when things are starting to look good again. Will Sega give her back the favor after some Sonic cameo appearances in Project Diva Extend and Arcade?


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