The day before Windows 8’s release, they might have reimagined the entire website of Windows to coincide with the release of Windows 8 and RT.

From the new design they had planned, it featured the simple look and feel that expressed the new Windows brand as well as the one-stop shop if you’re looking to buy a new device. There are also how-to-videos that will get you started fast but due to how too simple the interface it looks like some parts may be confusing or perhaps the text is gonna be way too small to tap on the table in which the same kind of problem may be the same for some parts of the smartphone apps, it may seem that every how-to-video for every product can’t be the easiest. You can also preview the themes before you download which may be good enough but weeks after the operating system’s release, I don’t know if the no-frills support will help you solve the problems easily. This is probably because the Surface users had some kind of audio issues and the developers were trying to get the problem solved after their awareness.

Sure, the new design is touch-friendly and easy to navigate but do you probably want to tap on the box which is not quite thick and large enough? What about the rows of links? Do you also want to tap on the links which have like thinner spacing vertically?

At the Download & Shop section, you can find a wide selection of Windows 8 and RT devices for you to take a look at the system specifications and decide which one to buy. However, what’s absurd is that you’re asked a bunch of factorized questions to decide which kinds of devices you want to buy.

Another painful stuff is the desktop theme. In the RTM version of Windows 8, the entire interface is completely simplified like there’s no transparency and glass whatsoever but the glassy stuff is still there for the icons and the third-party applications so it’s not perfectly fast and battery saving for Windows RT tablets compared to their OS rival tablets. Wallpapers and sound-sets are fine but I bet that you’re better off with Windows 7 and below for ultimate theme setup because right now, there’s no patch for Windows 8 that will allow you to have the customized desktop interface like you can do with the previous Windows OSes. There’s also the improved multi-monitor support for Windows 8 but the modern UI navigation can be annoyingly inaccurate in navigating.

Lastly, the event was launched in October 25th in the respective countries starting from Singapore, Tokyo, London and so on, all the way to New York where the big day was there.


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