Bing Apps on Windows 8 Available as part of the launch

The day after the launch of the operating system has the excitement still on-going as the event at Times Square is not over yet. Exclusive to Windows 8 version of Bing search page, there’s the 360 degree panorama that allows you to zoom, pinch and swipe as you explore the images but you can do the same on any modern browser that supports HTML5 with the mouse or other same controls. For Windows 8 users, you may need to go to Windows Store and get the Bing apps and update them to get the latest features.

  • Bing Search – Well, if there’s an instant search feature similar to the one on Google Search, that will make this one extra fast and fluid. Finger-friendly results and images are front and center letting you quickly find what you’re looking for. You can rely on the same great Bing web experience in Internet Explorer 10 but it can shine as well on Windows 8 Bing apps.
  • Bing Weather – This one brings you the beautiful preview of the weather backgrounds that helps you prepare for the latest conditions with hourly, daily and 10-day forecasts. To help plan when to do something, historical data is available to examine the respective weather conditions for a given time period. Also, like the Weather apps on other devices, you can add additional time zones of weather predictions for tracking real time and daily predictions for other sets of places of interest to you.
  • Bing Media apps – You know, I’ve been checking for the latest news regarding Technology so these apps are not for me. These include Finance, Travel, News in any type and Sports and I’m not into them so I’m sticking back to probably Pulse app or perhaps Rockmelt to check out more news of Technology.


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