Xbox SmartGlass update

In addition to games, the Xbox Live service has been spread to the rest of the entertainment and Xbox SmartGlass will be the more advanced version of Xbox Companion app. Who knows if people may like this or not but to them, it may be less useful? Recently, there was already an update for Xbox 360 that allows you to view music, TV shows, movies and other stuffs from the store through Xbox Live Marketplace and the release of Windows 8 will receive the same rollout as well on computers, tablets and even the phones but for mobile phones running Windows Phone 8, the update will occur even later after Windows 8’s release. How is this a good evolution from the game console to the service? Wasn’t DirectX just for games the other time? Well, this surely takes you back to the past where DirectX was also used for other programs that make use of it perhaps for advanced multimedia stuffs in addition to the games.

Just like the modern game consoles today, we’re able to use them as the media players as well with videos, music and even pictures similar to using the smartphones and tablets. We’re able to surf the net on game consoles but this is not as good as using smartphones and tablets. Even with Xbox SmartGlass, we still end up surfing the net on those devices instead of controlling the Xbox 360 console remotely.


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