Model 2 Collection for PSN and XBLA

The title inaccurately says it all but some of the Model 2 games previously released for PSN and XBLA were already in true widescreen such as a Virtual On game previously released as well as Daytona USA widescreen edition. There was also the widescreen HD version of Daytona USA in the arcades but that was named Sega Racing Classic and there were some removals due to licensing issues.

This contains Virtua Fighter 2, Sonic The Fighters, Virtua Striker, Fighting Vipers and so on. Perhaps Classic Game Room may be proud but where’s Fighting MegaMix, you may ask? This may be why this compilation may be inaccurate because not all games are in it.

We don’t know the release date for this but that was what the video showed us.


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